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One meal, as in one for the entire trip, is included with some regular tickets.

·       Regular trains offer a restaurant car. It has simple Russian dishes in Russia, and Mongolian food once it crosses the border.

·       Luxury tourist trains have “full-board,” and a better-quality restaurant and bar car.

·       At nearly every station, platform traders offer local delicacies. These can include fresh fruit and vegetables, pies and pastries. There is usually hot and cold food.

·       Although you can buy tickets with all meals included, everyone should bring some snacks to whip up with the free hot water on the train. Instant oatmeal, cups of soup, noodles, bread and tea bags are good choices.

A majority of tourists love trying new foods while on vacation. The food available on and off the train on the Trans-Siberian Railroad is part of the adventure. Onboard, most of the food is …